How often do you release new editions?

Collectors take note: We release the new Christmas designs in July / August every year. Shop early to ensure delivery of your favorites. We do sell out. A few styles are also introduced for Spring in March.

Do I need to shake my water lantern?

Absolutely not! As a matter of fact we recommend  that you never shake the lantern to swirl the glitter. An electric motor in the bottom of the globe causes the glitter to swirl inside.

Do any of the glitter globes play sound?

Yes, a few of them have a switch setting that allows for music to play. The music is optional and can be switched off while still lighting up and swirling the glitter.

I use my water lantern seasonally, how should I store it away?

It's a good idea to keep the original packaging. The insert is molded to cushion and protect your lantern. Please remove the batteries before storing away as they might leak and damage the glitter globes battery compartment area. 

What kind of batteries will I need?

Please check the product page for your exact glitter globe. The most common requirement is 3 AA or 3 C batteries. They are not included.

My glitter is not swirling as much as before?

Please check to make sure you have a fresh set of batteries. You can gently turn over the globe and tap on the bottom to loosen the glitter. Do not shake!

Will the light bulb need to be replaced?

To ensure a long life your lighted water lantern uses an LED bulb that will never need replacing.

Can any of your snow globes be plugged in?

Yes, starting with 2019 inventory we are adding a USB cord to several lanterns. These will run on batteries or AC power with the USB cord and any transformer not exceeding 1.5 amps. The transformer is not included. 

My snow globe only works with the USB cord. HELP!

You need to unplug the USB cord from the lantern for the snow globe to operate on batteries. Even if you do not have have it plugged in the cord must not be attached to the lantern's base. This is an intentional feature, it prevents current from flowing into the batteries when operating on AC power.